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Spring is here and I notice the irises are starting to respond with the leaves growing taller.  By mid October we should have some in bloom … bring it on!  Over the last few weeks I have had three of the seedlings out in bloom and of course, Wanganui Gem MDB that blooms 3-4 times each year.

Iris orders received now will be supplied later in the year once the irises have finished blooming.  The Medians can usually be posted from mid to late November.  We usually start posting out the tall bearded iris rhizomes from mid December onwards, depending on when they have bloomed.

The rhizomes will be sent bare-rooted and the cost will depend on the size of the order.  Every care will be taken in the preparation of your order but if a mistake should occur, please let us know.  Please refer to the Shipping page for further information.

Bearded Iris need at least half a day of sun and must have good drainage.  Plant in clumps for stunning effect.  They will thrive in most well drained garden soils. Please refer to the Care Sheet for further information.


We will be starting to dig our dahlias shortly and will be in touch with customers to confirm availability of the dahlias you have preordered, and also the cost.  Once payment has been received, they will be posted to you.


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